What Is iChinesePodcast?

As an off-class support for students taking iChineseLearning's skype Chinese lessons, iChinesePodcast is designed to help you practice Chinese speaking and listening skills through situational podcast lessons. To make full use of its value, we recommend you to listen to the speakers and repeat as many times as you can. You can also turn to your teachers if you need any help.

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Some of the Cool Features

Short Audio Lessons

Short & Practical Audio Lessons

Even you have only 10 minutes, you can learn something useful.

Easy Podcasts

Simple & Clear Explanation

Easy-to-follow podcasts explained in simple ways, without big words.

Flexible Learning

Interesting Topics

Learn Chinese without getting bored!

Chinese Podcasts

Start from Where You Are

Structured audio lessons from newbie to advanced.

Free Podcast Lessons

The podcast lessons are designed into 4 levels from newbie to advanced. You can choose a level that suits your interests and needs. Each podcast consists of four parts: Dialogue, Vocabulary, Grammar and Exercises. You can listen to the whole dialogue first and then learn the language points in it by the audio clips.

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Learn Chinese with Online Teachers

If you are a listener of iChinesePodcast and at the same time feel the needs to practice what you hear with a native speaker, you can turn to our 1 on 1 tutoring class. In the class, you can learn Chinese online interactively with our teachers in real time from your computer. Discover the real, authentic way to learn Chinese!

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